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At a small beachside hotel in New Jersey, a man named Charlie worked as a maintenance person. In 2012, Superstorm Sandy barreled up the east coast of the US. So Charlie made sure to lockdown the hotel as a way to prevent heavy damage.

As Superstorm Sandy got closer, what the owners didn’t know is that Charlie chose to stay behind. Even though the town was evacuated, Charlie keep watch for looters and damage to the hotel. Despite his efforts, the small hotel saw heavy flooding and wind damage on multiple floors. But he didn’t give up on the hotel or owners. Charlie dedicated the next six months to help the owners rebuild every day from morning to night... and make sure it was reopened in time for the 2013 summer!

In honor of Charlie’s incredible kindness and dedication, that summer, the owners  reopened their hotel under the “Hotel Charlee” name.

So, Our original name "Hotel Charlee" is inspired by Charlie. And so many folks named "Charlie" in our lives. People who represent a hard-working spirit, treat everyone with respect, and those who becomes a friend from the first moments... we chose to capture this feeling and our hotels work to provide it for all the people we cross paths at any Hotel Charlee. 🙂

*Ongoing Fees included are: Marketing, Brand Licensing, Property Management System, OTA Connectivity, Photography Upload, Hammock Automated Revenue Management


BRAND NAME: Hotel Charlee by Hammock®

TAGLINE: Love Your Hotel Again.™

SEGMENT: Boutique, Mid-Scale / Independent


ONGOING SUBSCRIPTION: $50/room/month. All-inclusive.*

INITIAL FEES: $1-15,000. Based on location and size. Rebates available.

PIP: Minimal to none.


BILLING: Simple “Invoice” style. Transparent. Credit Cards, Checks, and PayPal accepted.


CONVERSIONS: Accepted and welcomed.

QA INSPECTIONS: Health, Cleanliness, & Safety only.


RULES & REGULATIONS: Non-Financial only. Focused on Quality and Guest Experience.

Next Steps...

Contact us to discuss your next Hotel Charlee by Hammock® project. Our goal is to make sure you and your guests Love Your Hotel Again™.